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Our Staff

Rob Phillips, Senior Pastor


Rob Phillips has  served as pastor of First Baptist Church of Princeton since July 2019. He has previously pastored churches in  Wichita Falls, San Antonio, Dallas, and Tyler, and served in other church staff roles.  He is also a licensed and registered financial advisor and works with a nonprofit financial education foundation. 

Rob and his wife DeRhonda have two children and four grandchildren.

Minister of Music

Music Minister.png

This position is currently available.

Donnie Prentice, Youth Leader


Donnie Prentice and wife, Cristi Prentice have lived in Princeton for many years and came to FBC Princeton during the summer of 2019. 

Donnie’s desire for the youth is to first come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior and then have the ability to lead others to that same truth.  It will be his mission to ensure that all youth have the tools in order to defend their faith as well as lead others to know Christ. Donnie has always been passionate for missions and spreading the gospel to all parts of the world.  It is his hope that every youth will have the opportunity to one day experience God’s power on a mission trip. 

Donnie and Cristi have two sons, Donavon and Nathaniel. 

Shelia Morrow, Administrative Assistant

A native of Princeton, Shelia has served First Baptist as secretary since 2004. Her joy is found in serving God and the members of our congregation. She is an integral part of the church. She is happily married to her husband, Mike.

Mark Welfl, Custodian

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